Can the World be Saved?

Ok so we’re jumping straight into a pretty heavy topic here, I’m sure it won’t always be this deep on my blog, but this is something I was talking about in counselling today and it’s something I’d like to share.

I have a very strong moral compass, I am very compassionate and everything I feel I feel so intensely. All I want to do is save the world. It’s not good enough for me to simply make it a better place by doing my part, like recycling and letting old people get on the bus first. I want to do more. This world, our society is undoubtedly heading fast towards self-destruction. And I want to change that. There was a time when I wanted the human race to die out, to give the planet a chance to heal and to survive. We really are a cancer upon this earth. However, most of the time, I am a lot more hopeful than that. I have to be. Hope is the one thing that keeps me going. I hope we can change, I hope we can repair the damage we have done and I hope I can make a difference.

I am going to save the world. Or I am going to die trying.

But as I discussed this with my counsellor today, I began to wonder, can the world be saved? Even if every single person on the planet became good and honest, considerate and hardworking. If we all dedicated ourselves to undoing all the countless years of damage we have done, would it work? I think religion causes a lot of problems, a lot of hate. I think veganism is the kindest, healthiest and most sustainable lifestyle. These are big topics that will have their owns posts at some point, but if everyone denounced religion and their omnivorous ways, would it be enough? Have we gone too far?

Unfortunately, I fear the answer is yes. We have gone too far to turn back. But does that mean we shouldn’t try? If we have destroyed all hope of bringing the world back to what it was, does this mean we should continue to head full throttle into oblivion? Or should we at least try to prolong the inevitable? To spend however long we have left on this planet, fully appreciating it- and each other?

I truly despair for the world today. It breaks my heart to see such suffering, to see such evil. From the politicians on the tv to the children starving in the streets, it feels as though everywhere I turn there is corruption, poverty, pain, greed, vanity, materialism, consumerism, all these horrible words and ‘isms’. I know there is light on this earth, I know there are good people. But the darkness we have created is so powerful and so consuming, I can barely see the light anymore.

I know that I alone will never be able to save the world. But by singing my song loud and clear, others will hear me and together we can work towards a better world. Give to charity, not just your money but your compassion, your heart and soul, work and work hard, CARE! Give a damn because this is our world and it is what we make of it. For too long we have allowed others to abuse it, to wreak havoc on this beautiful, bountiful earth which is now only a mere shadow of the glorious eden it once was. I can’t sit by and let this go on any longer. I’m standing up for what I believe in and I’m going to spend my life trying to bring this world back from the brink of death. And I know there’s others that will do the same.

We need to speak up for the earth, she’s been screaming at us for a long time but nobody seems to be listening. Well, I’m listening. Are you?

-Quiet Waters


6 thoughts on “Can the World be Saved?

  1. mysweetshenaniganhome

    Hi Quiet-Waters,

    Respectfully said, as a Christian I quietly read your post trying not to jump too ahead of myself and what you are trying to say here; that being said I think I do understand what you are saying and where you are coming from. You basically want to “save the world” from itself but the physical (earth) or are you referring to the worldly human being in the world that is needing saving or both ?

    Also, what do you mean when you refer to the world in the past tense ? What about then made it better that we need to return to it ?

    Just trying to understand; not to debate or argue.
    ~ Bre


    1. Quiet Waters

      Hello. I’m not sure what you mean by the world ‘itself’! I mean, I want to save the planet from what we have been/are doing to it, and when I speak of it in the past tense, I mean returning the earth to her natural state before the damages mankind inflicted upon her, the consequences of which we are all facing today. But I also want to save the world as in save the people, from each other and from ourselves. Thank you for your comment, Bre!

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      1. mysweetshenaniganhome

        Thank you for responding; so what , in your opinion, what does the earth be/look like in it’s natural state ? ( I imagine restored to it’s original state which lacked man-made structures and interference) but what does that look like to you and how can we do that ? I know there is climate change, conservation declines, pollution and environmental ruin/obstruction.

        It seems that in regards to humans, saving them is contingent on changing what they do. But is changing what they do not contingent on changing the soul ? What does “save” mean to you ? Is it rescuing, does it entail protecting, is it delivering; etc.

        Thank you for your time ~


      2. Quiet Waters

        You imagine correctly, my friend! At least thats how I see it, the world being natural without the poisonous man-made creations. I don’t know how we can do that, I don’t know if it can be done at all. Raising awareness and trying to get the people more engaged with sustainability is a start. I do believe we can only be saved if we make a drastic change to our lifestyles, that doesn’t necessarily mean changing the soul. I think the focus needs to be more on the mind, the ego even. When I talk about saving, I mean rescuing the planet and the people from the unfortunate realities and the dark future I see.
        Thank you again for your comment.


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