At Last 

The first goodbye is to my life in Staines. If you asked me last year I’d tell you this would not be a difficult goodbye to say. But this year, everything changed. Something just clicked and now I’m so sad to leave the friends I have made here, my heart shakes with the fear that I might never see them again. 
The second goodbye is to my hometown, the place I have loved and hated deeply for so long. I spent my final night at my favourite place with my family and my dog, sea spray in my hair and sand between my toes. I can still hear the gentle lapping of the waves upon the shore, a sound that has always meant home to me.

The final goodbye is to my family, of course it won’t be forever but this time the distance will be like nothing any of us have experienced, social media will keep us close but even that can’t close the gap of oceans and hours. 

I’m so ready to leave, I have been for a long time now. Finally the day has arrived and as I am unbound I spread my wings and take flight.
At long last.
– quiet waters 


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