At Last

Well I finally did it, it doesn’t even seem real yet. I feel like at some point I’m going to wake up and come crashing down from this dream land back into the real world. But I won’t. I have finished my degree, and at long last I have left the UK- forever. While I may return to visit family and friends I will never again have to live in my home country, a country that has never felt like home. My official last day of university was in early June, I returned home for 10 days to spend time with my family before my partner and I boarded a plane for the country we both love, Thailand.

This blog post comes to you from the sleepy village of Khun Yuam where we are staying in a beautiful room with a view like nothing you have seen before. We’re doing the Mae Hong Son loop with a rented 150 cc bike which is pretty much an oversized scooter. I love riding on it, however as the passenger I have to carry our huge, heavy backpack. After a couple of hours riding it really does pull on your back and shoulders. Tomorrow we ride to Mae Hong Son, then Pai and then back to Chiang Mai. We’re more than halfway through our trip now. It’s been amazing and when we complete our journey I’ll make an extensive post detailing the loop and the towns we stayed in, the hostels we used and the places we visited.

The craziest thing about this, is that while this is holiday, it is not one I will be returning home from. After this, we’re flying to Melbourne, where we’ll be for the indefinite future. We have working holiday visas for one year but we’re hoping to extend it to two. It feels strange knowing that I am technically homeless now. Of course, my family home will always be there for me. But I don’t live there anymore. Right now, I’m in some kind of limbo. I’ve left the UK but I haven’t reached Australia yet, I guess I am really, truly free. At last.


-Quiet Waters


khun yuam
My partner looking out at the unreal view from our balcony in Khun Yuam

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